HangyourHardware Tray (black or white)


(see description for tray capacity)

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Tray comes in black or white and is approximately 20” deep x 20 5/8” wide. Side height is approximately 1 3/4 ” (and approximately 5” at highest point of handle) . Tray comes with 2 handles for easy pickup and transporting and a slip-reducing liner to help prevent HYH hangers from sliding across tray. White tray comes with a creamy off white liner. Hangers must be purchased separately or as part of the Value Package.

*Cabinet hardware NOT INCLUDED

Each tray fits your choice of the following configuration:

Configurations without cup pulls: Configurations with cup pulls: (1 cup pull replaces 3 small)
11 long plus 11 short OR 11 long plus 3 cup pulls OR
22 medium OR 11 medium plus 6 cup pulls OR
33 small OR 22 small plus 3 cup pulls OR
11 medium plus 22 small 11 small plus 6 cup pulls OR
11 medium plus 14 small plus 4 cup pulls