“It’s such a time saver for our buyers in helping them decide styles and finishes- we both (Consultants and Buyers) love it!”

Lisa McClelland, National Vice President, Design Studios
Toll Brothers

“The HangyourHardware is working great. The response from buyers has been really positive since they are able to compare multiple options at once.”

  Nicole Gallagher, Design Consultant 
Toll Brothers

“We’re excited to make HangyourHardware available to the public. In dozens of design studios around the country, homebuyers really enjoy testing out different hardware and being able to choose with confidence once they can see the finish and style of hardware choices against their chosen cabinet doors.  Buyers are moving more easily and frequently into higher level hardware options, and making quicker decisions. It’s a win for everyone!”

Jane Meagher, President
Success Strategies

” Our buyers just can’t wait to get their hands on the HangyourHardware when they begin designing their kitchen and bathrooms. It has proven to be a great tool for our buyers in the Ivey Design Studio.”

Robin Sullivan, Design Consultant
Ivey Group